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The Pro version of this most popular Swimmers Watch from Swimovate Poomate now includes PC or Mac download. Featuring motion sensors to automatically monitor your swimming stroke, style and efficiency.

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Ok - take the BEST innovation for swimmers since Goggles - the PoolMate Swim Watch and make it better ?? Impossible we would say .... not so ... make it PC / Mac downloadable !! The PoolMate Pro Swim Watch contains motion sensors to automatically monitor the motion of your arm when swimming so you don’t have to worry about counting laps yourself and can concentrate on your technique or just relax and swim.  This package includes a download pod that plugs into your USB port and cable.  The swim watch will simply and automatically transfer the data via infrared link to the pod and your PC/Mac.


In addition to the statistics for the overall session. the PoolMate Pro will record the same data for each individual set so you can see how all these metrics change through a swim session.  You can even time your rest periods between sets.  All data is stored in a large memory in the watch for review during or after a swim session (over 100 logs can be stored before the download). The included software is simple and intuitive to use and has multiple language support.


Containing accurate motion sensors and our unique software algorithms, the Pro Swim Watch automatically recognises swim strokes and laps so you don't have to count them yourself.  From recreational lap swimmer to professional Olympian, the PoolMate Pro can help your training, leaving the lap counting to the PoolMate letting you concentrate on your swimming.  The PoolMate Pro watch has been tested by NICK GILLINGHAM.


Key Features

  • Works with all major strokes straight out of the box, no calibration required
  • Stores over 100 sessions for recall, records individual sets and total session data
  • Pools over 15m (yards too), Chrono mode for other sports
  • Water resistant to 50m, 24 hour clock and alarm


Swim Watch in Action


It will also display and store Session Time, Average Strokes per Lap, Speed, Distance, Calories and Efficiency.  In addition to the statistics for the overall session, the PoolMate Pro will record the same data for each individual set so you can see how all these metrics change through a swim session.  You can even time your rest periods between sets.  All data is stored in a large memory for review during or after a swim session.

This really is a complete bespoke watch specifically for swimmers.  All aspects of the watch from the strap to the display and electronics have been designed by Swimovate.  Features include lightweight, flexible PU strap, easy to read display, stainless steel buttons, backlight and double secure fastening.  As well as full digital watch functions including 12 or 24 hour format, alarm and backlight, it also has a useful Chrono mode so you can time your running, cycling, openwater swims or triathlons.


Key Software

  • Download data from the PoolMate watch or add swims manually
  • Grade your swim - Great, good, ok or bad!
  • Add notes or edit data
  • Select any session and examine in detail including individual sets within the swim
  • Graphical analysis of your stroke count, times, speed etc to see how they have changed over time
  • See how far you have swum this week or year
  • Multiple swimmer support
  • See how many cup cakes you have burnt off in your swim!
  • View your fastest times, best stroke count etc. at a glance
  • Multiple language support
  • Save as .csv file


How Does it Work?

It contains MEMS accelerometers (first used by NASA) to capture the motion of your arms. The software times your swim and calculates lap count, average strokes, speed, calories and efficiency levels so you can work on improving your technique.



Numerous studies and respected coaches stress the value of stroke counting as a valued way to improve swimming efficiency.  Reducing the number of strokes per lap increases efficiency.  The PoolMate Pro has a swimming efficiency index that gives feedback about the efficiency of your swimming.  By monitoring this, you can see how you improve over time.  The efficiency index is the time taken to swim 25 m, plus the number of strokes on the arm you wear the watch on to cover this distance.



The PoolMate Pro has been extensively tested by a wide variety of swimmers over a 2 year period.  Swimovate have a database of hundreds of kms of swimming and an accuracy rate of over 99.75%.  There are tens of thousands of PoolMates being worn everyday and helping swimmers all over the world.

Additional Information

SKU 610074921356
Watch/Unit Dimensions 40 x 35 x 13 mm
Calories burnt Yes
Swim distance Yes
Swim efficiency Yes
Session timer Yes
Average strokes per pength Yes
Swimming speed / pace Yes
Swimming stroke count Yes
Identifies swimming stroke Yes
PC / Mac upload YES - PoolMate PRO has PC / Mac upload. Software and docking port included
Battery Type in Watch/Unit Coincell - self change
Battery Life in Watch/Unit 12 months
Water Resistancy 50m - Surface Swimming (not diving or scuba)
Backlight Yes
General Comment Automatic wireless download. Tells you if you have got faster / more efficient

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