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Suunto M5 heart rate model in black / gold female version. Even the most dedicated fitness enthusiast can benefit from a smart partner.  The Suunto M5 heart rate monitor provides versatile guidance with optional speed and distance information for a wide range of sports.  Set your goals and the Suunto M5 heart rate monitor provides an ideal daily workout schedule to help you achieve them – including telling you when it’s time to rest.

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This Suunto M5 black / gold female package includes the Suunto micro Movestick


The Suunto M5 (black gold female) heart rate monitor comes with the Dual chest transmitter so the analogue transmission is compatible with most gym equipment and the digital transmission eliminates any interference. The Suunto M5 heart rate monitor provides guidance every step of your journey towards better fitness.


The Suunto M5 heart rate monitor is optimised for any aerobic activity.  The optional Suunto Foot POD and Suunto Bike POD / Road Bike POD will send real-time data to your heart rate monitor on your wrist.  So when you go jogging or cycling, you will see your speed and distance covered.  The Suunto PODs are easy to use - just attach them to your running shoe or bike.


The Suunto M5 heart rate monitor NOW COMES WITH THE MOVESTICK INCLUDED - the Suunto Movestick wirelessly transfers your M5 training data to and downloads any program from to the Suunto M5 heart rate monitor.


*Please note that Suunto M5 heart rate monitor is not compatible with Suunto Cadence POD.


The features of the Suunto M5 heart rate monoitor are:

  • Real time heart rate monitoring
  • Automatically switches between 3 x heart rate zones to help reach personal targets
  • (Note - 3 x target zones are AUTO set - user cannot define their own zones)
  • Calories burnt - based on exercising heart rate
  • Time of day
  • Date
  • Daily alarm
  • Both units with SELF CHANGE batteries
  • Fitness Test (not found on the M2) - put the Suunto M5 in Fitness Test mode - walk for approx 10 - 30 minutes and the Suunto M5 will tell you how FIT it thinks you are - and hopefully show some improvement since last test.
  • 3 personal targets to choose from - improve fitness, weight management and free training
  • Daily exercise instruction with ideal duration and intensity
  • Automatically adapting exercise program for the next 7 days - if you miss a day, it will adapt.. if you do too much ... it will adapt... if you sit on the couch all day.. IT WILL KNOW ....
  • Real time intensity guidance during workout
  • Motivational feedback messages
  • Upload exercise data with the MOVESTICK
  • Download training programs from the MOVESCOUNT website to the Suunto M5 watch (not found on M4)
  • Track speed and distance (with optional Foot POD, Suunto Bike POD and Suunto GPS POD) (not supported on Suunto M4)


What's In The Suunto M5 Heart Rate Monitor Box?

  • Suunto M5 heart rate monitor watch (black and gold)
  • Suunto Dual Chest Transmitter
  • Suunto Movestick
  • Suunto M5 heart rate monitor "Quick Start Guide"


Next Suunto heart rate monitor Model Up from Suunto M5 ??

Even though the Suunto M5 heart rate monitor is the top of the range, you may wish to look at the Suunto Quest heart rate monitor, where you can do laps/splits/intervals, have % of max HR, have the Recovery feature and also a more detailed PC download.


Next Suunto heart rate monitor Model Down from Suunto M5 ??

This would be the Suunto M4 heart rate monitor, where you can't download training programs from the Suunto Movescount web site back to the watch nor has the ability for speed & distance.


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Additional Information

SKU SS018258000
Watch/Unit Dimensions 4.3 x 4.3 x 1.3 cm
Time of Day Yes
Date Yes
Daily Alarm Yes
Chronograph / Stopwatch Exercise duration only
Interval Training No
Heart Rate Monitor Yes - chest strap included
hrm calories Yes
Show percent of max HR No
Time Spent in HR Training Zone(s) Yes
heart rate alarms Yes
Autolapping feature No
Distance measured Yes - with optional Foot Pod or Bike Pod
Running Pace Yes - with optional Foot Pod
Pace / Speed alarms No
Realtime Speed Yes - with optional Foot Pod or Bike Pod
Pedal Cadence No
Run Cadence No
Power compatible No
Swimetrics - swimming data No
Training Load / Training Effect No
Coaching / Training Programme Yes
Resting heart rate / fitness test Yes
Time left before recovered No
Heart Rate recovery timer No
PC / Mac upload Yes - PC & Mac
Level of PC download data Just summary data
Session memory in watch Will store 80 sessions & 4 week totals
HR Variability R-R recording No
Transmission system Suunto Dual
GPS Altimeter No Altimeter
Virtual Partner / Pacing feature No
Number of GPS tracks N/A
Number of Waypoints N/A
Plan / Follow GPS routes? No
Temperature recording No
GPS Pod Dimensions N/A
Water Resistancy Yes - 30m
Battery Type in Watch/Unit Coincell - self change
Battery Life in Watch/Unit 1 year +
Chest Transmitter Battery Coincell - self change
Backlight Yes
Warranty 24 months - return to Suunto
GPS chipset N/A

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Suunto M5 Heart Rate Monitor blk silver (f)

Suunto M5 Heart Rate Monitor blk silver (f)

Regular Price: £99.99

Special Price: £85.99


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